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Today I feel Love

Dear Theo,

We've really spent some time together for the past few weeks. I have received so many post cards and messages from you, and yet I have not been able to return.

I have been waiting, waiting for the day that I feel the security to return your passion, to know what you say is true and that I can safely return the love that you have for me.

This weekend was your last day at work. We celebrated your last moment with our Mikros colleagues at Siboire Saint-Laurent, visited chez Elliot & Almandine, and a lovely Saturday visiting Mont Royal with the beautiful Maples trees. We spent the night together in eachother's arms, it is starting to be comfortable sleeping with you. I can fall asleep without any problem, only occasionally waking up cause you took all the blanket XD.

I felt it yesterday, waking up in the morning and you are the first thing I look for. I just wanted to snuggle into your arms and kiss you good morning. You got up to make breakfast and I had to restrain myself from hugging you from behind all the time. I am starting to feel the love growing inside, that flow of warmth coming from my heart.

I am very happy my Ying. With you I am very happy, you are such a fun person, accepting and motivated. You have no idea how I admire your courage to step out of your comfort zone and allowing the Dark Theo to go lose :) It's something I never have the courage to do. I look up to you... I can continue to go on listing things I like about you, but it will be too long for this post, ha!

I still need some time. For me, having love for someone is an act of giving myself away into the hands of another person. It is to make myself completely vulnerable, so my life is tightly knitted with yours. It takes courage, a lot of trust and it takes preparation. Right now, I am still scared and I am horrified about opening myself fully to you. I will need some more time and I hope that doesn't put you off and I look forward to the day I can finally tell you I love you.

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